Mission & Objectives:


Our mission has always been to impart authentic knowledge on China from Kathmandu to several other important cities upon request of local people. Maintaining Nepal-China friendship evergreen also fosters greenery with the southern neighbor since we all three countries share similar cultural, historical and geographical values to greater extent. 


The objectives as enlisted in Chapter 2 of its Statute are as follows:

  1. This institution/organization shall be a non-profit making people’s welfare oriented.
  2. To promote the educational and cultural relationship existing between Nepal and China.
  3. To extend the educational and cultural relationship between the institution/organization of Nepal and China
  4. To establish and promote the proposed sister city relationship between Pokhara and Linzhi city.
  5. To exhibit the programme intending to introduce the Nepalese and Chinese culture
  6. To organize the educational and cultural exhibition and visit between Nepal and China
  7. To express one’s opinion in the mutual interest of both Nepal and China

(Note 1: Translated By: Moti Bdr, Thapa Chhetri, Notary Public No. 752)

(Note 2: No.3 objective was accomplished in 2008 and is still in sisterhood relation)


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