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Statute of Nepal – China Academy, Kaski, 2063 (2006A.D)

Chapter – 1


With a view to study all round development of the Nepalese and Chinese Society by honoring the historical relation existing with the neighboring country “Peoples Republic of China” situated on the northern side of the sovereign and independent Nepal together with aiming to strengthen Nepal-China relation that been existing on the basis of Panchasheel and “Peaceful Co-existence by making commitment to raise the Nepal-China relation to a new height along with the social goal of providing the information regarding China to the Nepalese people as well as the Nepal related information to the Chinese people through the “Nepal-China Academy”, the statute of the “Nepal-China Academy” is hereby enacted. As per the statute of Nepal-China Academy, it shall operate the library for providing the information.

(Note: Translated By: Moti Bdr, Thapa Chhetri, Notary Public No. 752)

Brief Introduction:

Pokhara China Radio International Listeners’ Club (PCRILC) was founded in 2000 A.D. by middle and secondary level school students in a beautiful and touristic city – Pokhara Valley. Its main objective was to appraise the efforts of Chinese friends broadcasting news and other interesting and knowledgeable programs in Nepali language.


Melsam Ojha, Santosh Dhakal, Bedh Prasad Adhikari, Naresh Pandit,

Binod Gurung, Suresh Shrestha, Ukesh Ranabhat, Bikram Dhungana,

Saroj Ojha, Amit Tajhya, Lal Bahadur Gurung, Bhumi Gurung,

Purnima Lama, Kusum Karki, Anil Dhungel and Keshav Lamichhane.

The listeners and China Radio International – CRI in Beijing used to correspond each other in an interval of month through postal service and later on via email. Both means of communication used to be quite expensive but students managed it from their pocket money offered by their parents for the lunch box. Later on, CRI began to dispatch free-ofcost envelope.

The CRI used to deliver Chinese periodicals such as Beijing Review, China Pictorial, The Messenger, Miteri Pool and China Today which used to be shared among listeners to enrich knowledge and better understand of P.R. of China. Later, PCRILC opened a reading room at New Era Computer and Language Institute at Amarsingh Chowk.

The PCRILC received delegations from China Radio International led by then Vice President Bai De Chun, Zau Zhaojun (Kusum) and Keshari Maiya. It also received the Cultural Secretary and Joint Cultural Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal, Mr. Li Hua and Ms. Jia Xiaoling, respectively.

PCRILC always received moral support from the Chinese Embassy, CRI, parents, intellectuals, school principals and National Council of CRI Listeners’ Club in Kathmandu. The Chairperson Melsam Ojha was also selected as a Central Committee Member of National Council of CRI Listeners’ Club. It was awarded as one of the “Excellent Listeners Club of Nepal

With all these gradual progress and increased enthusiasm towards pursuing knowledge, the members of PCRILC along with the support of parents and intellectuals decided to establish a government registered friendship association – Nepal – China Academy (NCA) in 2006 A.D.

Nepal-China Academy (NCA) is a non-profitable, non-partisan and friendship association established in 2006 A.D. It is legally registered at the administration office of Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal with positive feedback from the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), Nepal. It was inaugurated by H.E. Sun Heiping, the Chinese Ambassador to Nepal (Sep 2003-Mar 2007).



The founding members are as follows: –

NCA had rented the first floor of the building from 2006 A.D. to 2010 A.D. to operate its reading room (mini library).

Three Unique Features

  1. The developed form of PCRILC – the club of enthusiast listeners and learners for the prosperity and harmonious society.
  2. First “Nepal-China” friendship association established in Nepal just after 2006 Democratic Revolution for Founding of Republic.
  3. One among five “Nepal-China” friendship associations established.

Meanings of Logo

  1. Hexagon represents beehive – the products obtained after combined efforts. The broken hive is the shared benefits for each others’ common prosperity.
  2. The blue and red color represents the color of the flags of Nepal and China.
  3. The two bee represents Nepalese and Chinese people working together  for regional prosperity and harmonious society.
  4. Number 8 has several meanings:
    • Importance of highway/railway for land-linked
    • Lucky number for business in Chinese culture
    • Diplomatic ties established on the 1st day of 8th month of Gregorian calendar

Application and Possession:

The official logo of association will be used in flag, badge, letter head, stamp and website. The use of logo inherits with the Chairperson of NCA and with his/her written permission to the member/s of Executive Committee of NCA only. Other parties in cooperation may use it after signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

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