It’s so fascinating that we have been engaging to promote friendship for last 20 years. The friendship among our members is solid and strong. With such sound friendship, we believe that we would be able to contribute to flourish the message of friendship for peace and prosperity across the Himalayas and around the globe.

To carry out friendship lantern, we obviously need your great support. We would be more than happy for mutual cooperation with you and your association. Glad that we have established several networks for mutual cooperation in comparison to the establishment date.

We are being more efficient for the promotion of friendship via: –

  • Mediation
  • Facilitation
  • Knowledge Circulation
  • Exchange (Language, Education, Business and Culture)
  • Philanthropy
  • Policy Coordination

To accomplish our objectives and operate the association for long term, the moral, materials (books, photographs of Nepal and China) and financial contributions from its members, individuals and organizations, governments are always essential. We are discussing for its economic sustainability, as well where you could make contributions. Your small contributions could make big difference.

If you or your organization (wherever you are located) would like to support us, please email at:

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